Saturday, February 24, 2018

Everyone Wants You to Change

In all of history we have never been more bombarded with ways to change ourselves.
  All we need to do is:

  1. Wash our hair with this certain brand of shampoo that will give it strength! (So it can pull tractors! I don't know...)
  2. Buy this mattress that conforms to our body and feels like sleeping on air. (I've never slept on air so I have no idea what I must be missing!)
  3. Buy this certain cologne that's going to draw every single, handsome, wealthy bachelor to our side! (no thank you)
  4. Buy a faster car with more gadgets than any one person can use in a lifetime!
  5. Get a certain color of fry pan that is such a miracle we should be surprised it's even available to us! ( and I've never melted a plastic cup to eat either!)
  6. Of course the list includes a bazillion creams that promise youth, smooth, tight skin with no wrinkles and some sort of bleach that takes off age spots! (after 50 it's all downhill so don't try to put a girdle on it!)
  7. Buy this NEW exercise machine that turns our jiggly fat into firm muscle in three days! (and makes you walk like a drunk man for a week because you're in so much pain!)
  8. Pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have someone send you pre-made, high sodium, ill-tasting food so you can lose weight! (Cooking healthy at home works, too!)
  9. Waste the precious days we've been given by playing Tetris style games on a phone until our eyes cross and our thumbs need corrective surgery!
  10. Buy the most current clothes, electronics, jewelry, shoes, etc. so we're keeping up with the style guru's on TV. (believe me, you'll never get there by buying things!)
People! If you want a changed life? GIVE IT TO JESUS! He's worth more than anything you could buy or acquire. He offers peace, joy, comfort and mercy! He can calm your storm, re-direct your pathway, and lead you to a life eternal! Give yourself to Jesus today...because He gave himself for you!   John 3:16 'For God so loved the world (this world, your world, the world we all live in that is so full of sin) that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ, the one who came to live a perfect, sinless life so He could put on your sin and have it be cleansed by His blood), that whoever (that's you my friend) believes in Him (believes He died for you and gave His ALL!) shall not perish, but have eternal life (a life beyond anything our finite minds could dream of. A heaven so filled with the love of our God that the light from His glorious self will be all the light we'll need! A place where God is, even now, preparing a place for us. A place where we'll see Him in all His GLORY.' Give yourself to Jesus, today.

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Dan Wilson, Artist